Background Verification

The only source of sustainable competitive advantage that any organization has is its people. At QVerify, we work as your hiring partners to ensure that you only employ the most suitable personnel.

QVerify comprehensive background screening process helps you protect your business from:

  • Internal frauds and criminal activities
  • Risk to reputation
  • Identity and other data thefts
  • Negligent hiring costs

Going beyond the conventional mandatory checks related to:

  • Education - The educational records of the candidate is verified from the administration of the respective educational institute.
  • Employment - The factual details of the previous employments of the candidate are verified by interviewing the candidate’s previous employers.
  • Criminal History – The police station within the jurisdiction of the candidate’s address is checked to verify whether the candidate has been charged with/or convicted of a crime in that area.
  • Address verification - The current address furnished by the candidate is to be verified by physical visit.
  • Professional references - The professional references provided by the candidate will be interviewed.
  • Identity verification - The authenticity of the identity proofs are verified.
  • Courts and international criminal database records - Includes whether the candidate has been involved in international fraud, is blacklisted by an international financial organization, is present in global media databases or is on police catalogues or wanted lists
  • Insolvency/bankruptcy - This includes a credit score report issued by CIBIL based on data compiled from Banks and Financial institutions.
  • Substance abuse (Drug Testing) -Through Drug Testing you can ensure your candidates are drug-free. Mandatory substance tests increase your organization’s accountability and reduce the risk of accidents to maintain a drug-free environment
  • Finger printing

QVerify also works closely with its clients to create customized background screening packages for their employees based on the levels, roles & risk exposure. This includes:

  • Lifestyle mapping
  • Social reference checks
  • Credit records and liabilities

QVerify leverages its widespread network of contacts at senior positions in educational institutions, IT companies and other multi-national companies in India and abroad to get confirmations from credible and well-placed sources.

Two of the founders of QVerify spearheaded the team that was solely responsible for the verification of the resumes for Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and 200 companies including 20 Fortune 100 companies such as Citigroup, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., IBM, Morgan Stanley, Dell, etc. that accessed and hired junior / middle / senior managers through these resumes.

Recruitment Consulting

At QVerify, we recognize that the biggest recruitment challenge for businesses is not just finding talent that matches the job, but also finding talent that matches the corporate culture. We have a skilled recruitment team, which carefully analyses an organization and its needs in order to hire the best candidates.

Beyond simply matching candidates in terms of qualifications and experience, QVerify seeks to ensure a lasting fit. We provide in-depth profiles on the nature of each candidate including English and local language ability, technical skills, relevant experience, stability in previous jobs and location preference.

We also work hand-in-hand with your hiring team to help you develop the most efficient hiring strategy and execution plan. Our experienced team accordingly tailors our recruitment processes to your company’s needs.