Hear what our interns and employees have had to say about us:

nikhil_luktukeNikhil Luktuke

(St. Xaviers – University of Minnesotta – University of Texas – Qverify – IIML (PlaceCom)At Qverify, he ran his own Human Capital Management Business Unit

“As far as places to work are concerned Qverify has simply been the best experience I have ever had and the bar is raised very high. The people at Qverify personify the culture of the organization and the determination, astuteness and plain guts of the management is infectious and extremely motivating.”

vibhor_tikiyaVibhor Tikiya, IIMA 2006-08 – Rank 8

Working at Monitor Consulting – Received offers from Merril Lynch, Lehman Brother
At Q Verify, ran his own Learning & Development Business Unit

“Qverify internship was a completely different experience. Even though I was only an intern, they gave lots of responsibility right form the word go. The culture and the processes in place are comparable with MNCs while retaining the flexibility of a small firm. The management team is great.”

suhruta_kulkarniSuhruta Kulkarni

IIMA 2006-08 – Mess Secretary & SAC Member
Working at Ernst & Young; Previously worked at NTPC for 2 years
At Qverify, ran operations in the HR business unit, and negotiated several contracts

 ”The time spent at Qverify was exhilirating to say the least. I could experience business first hand, and actually see my work converting into money, which is very difficult to experience in any other organisation. The environment at Qverify is alive with brilliant ideas and discussions on them. Learning is not only encouraged but also facilitated through various programs. The thought and efforts put in by the promoters in making the organisation are unmatched and will lead to it becoming the greatest firm in near future. The two months at Qverify were like the icing on the top of the cake baked at IIMA. Would be back there soon!!!”

sachidanandaSachidananda B S

IIM Bangalore 2007-09

To join Q Verify, opted out of Summer Placements on Day 0.
At Qverify, piloted his education business idea and did business development at schools and companies.

“Awesome!!! That’s the word I would say. Learnt how to start my own business here. Very great learning environment.”

Manisha Raorane

Ex – Qverify - Background Verification & Recruitment

“I was a fresher when I joined Qverify and I feel that I couldn’t have had a better start of my career. I felt my growth as a professional was stupendous. The focus of the management on learning & progress was just amazing. The freedom of speech helped me to put across my ideas, develop and execute them. The continuous monitoring of performance, daily meetings and discussions helped me to focus on my goals.

My experience at Qverify was very nurturing and at the same time a lot of fun. The people at Qverify were the most inspiring. Not only did I meet some great professionals but also made some very good friends. In my opinion, Qverify is an organisation that will never cease from progressing. I am glad to have been associated with it.”

daniel1Daniel Geoffrey Ward

Ex – Qverify - Background Verification

“I worked with Qverify for six months (2009-10) following graduation from Oxford University, UK. The best thing about Qverify is its emphasis on employee development – I learned so much at Qverify and always felt supported by the closely knit team. At Qverify, you are frequently delegated significant responsibilities and given the freedom to explore new ways of doing things. The management really know how to bond a team with fun office activities such as the Qverify Movie of the Month (QMOM) outings. For me, Qverify is a group of very hard working and professional people who work well together all aiming for the same goals. I cannot emphasise enough how much every employee of Qverify is valued! All in all, Qverify will challenge you every day with no two days the same and you will gain huge satisfaction and a sense of achievement with all the work you do.”

Deepak Adanki

B-Tech – IIT Chennai,
Currently Working as Bussiness Analyst – Scope International  Standard Chatered Bank
Worked in Qverify as an Intern

“I have enjoyed a lot throughout my 2 months of Internship at Qverify. I worked as a Business Analyst where I had to analyze our major competitors. We have deduced many interesting facts and sequences.  We can do anything we want, while meeting the deadlines. It was a great fusion of work and pleasure.  The trainings that were conducted among the colleagues were of immense use. I have got the best guidance and support  from CEO Devashish. It was immense pleasure working with him. I feel Qverify is a great place to work where you acquire the confidence and experience to stay in competition with the world.”

Divya Iyer

Ex – Qverify –  Recruitment

“My experience with Qverify has been an amazing learning experience. I feel honored to have got an opportunity to start my career with this firm. At Qverify, you do not have an option, but to perform! Such is the environment around there. It is incredible how much freedom and independence you enjoy, for such a professional firm. Qverify has taught me various important skills like leadership, negotiation, team work, having an eye for detail, etc. This place has had a very big role to play, in how my career and life has panned out. I will always fondly look back at the couple of years that I spent here learning, growing and having fun. Cheers!”