Quetzal “Freedom & Wealth”

A Quetzal (pronounced kate-SAL) is a beautiful, strikingly coloured, long-tailed bird found in Central America. A Quetzal symbolized freedom and wealth to the ancient Mayans. Freedom because a Quetzal will die in captivity and wealth because the Mayans were a successful, wealthy business people. Quetzal’s feathers, were the Mayan’s most sought after treasures. The name Quetzal was chosen for the group of companies as well as for every member of the team in the Group because of this dual meaning of freedom and wealth. Every member of the team past or present is thus a “Quetzal” for life. The first Quetzals were from the 2007 batch of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (Asia’s premier Business School) who chose to follow their dreams of entrepreneurship forsaking lucrative job offers that came their way. The Quetzal Group is in the education and HR spaces where Quetzals are committed to building competence and capabilities in humans so that each person may discover freedom and wealth for himself/ herself.

QVerify Private Limited

QVerify is a Human Capital Management Company and recognizes that “Human Resource” is the only sustainable competitive advantage that a company has. Thus, we work closely with our clients to maximize their Human Resource Investment through :

  • Background Verification
  • Recruitment Consulting